The annual Peace Prize for Lanier/ Friedenspreis für Jaron Lanier



He was  long ago a great man with a beautiful mind for me!

Interesting!….Jaron Lanier’s Bio

Have you come across a scientist who looks like this!
Scientists of the future centuries may look like him!


“Artist, author and computing expert Jaron Lanier has won the annual Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. The award went “to a true pioneer in the digital world,” and one “who has always recognized the inherent risks.”/ DW 5.06.2014/


“………..”He combines it all with a professional career as a pianist and player of obscure and bizarre musical instruments, more than 700 of which clutter his downtown New York apartment. “He is this extraordinary person – gifted, generous and ethical,” says his friend, the theoretical physicist Lee Smolin. “People ask why we don’t have more renaissance people these days. Jaron shows that it is still possible.”     ……..”


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