Dostoeswsky is a Prophet

AGAIN, High Time for Dostoewsky !

(specially good for our bewilderd contemporary Ethiopian generation)/0*/

Dostoeswsky is a prophet in his way and Rene Girard (“one of the ‘forty immortals’ of the French Academy”)  is the one who may have interpreted him at best!

Dosteowsky, who  forsaw, how ” Almost in the wink of an eye , after the Russian revolution, the total freedom proclaimed by the Bolsheviks was metamorphosed into total sevitude.” (*

“Genuine prophecy always sounds a little indecent to those whose minds are closed to its truth”(* as we are still witnessing in Ethiopia today after all what took place in our generation  and to our generation!

(* (Resurrection from the Underground):-

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On Dostoevsky & René Girard

…. A Review 

….. …… “Circumstances cause Dostoevsky to overturn his earlier ideas and examine them in a new light, and so in some ways the works of Dostoevsky’s middle period are all about seeing through the society-induced lies of his own earlier texts from a time when he mimicked the literary desires of others. Dostoevsky’s life was not without an excess of pride and humiliation, and we see that his genius was born from past mistakes that many perhaps would not learn from, but that this great and truly self-searching intellect did indeed take to heart. Girard’s book ends in Christian revelation, as Dostoevsky himself in The Brothers Karamazov reconciles a lifetime’s worth of ideas with scripture, seeing beyond the popular literary and social theories of his day and revealing a universal human truth. It is this human truth which still marks Dostoevsky out as one of the most psychologically perceptive authors who ever lived.”0*/

René Girard-
Resurrection from the Underground: Feodor Dostoevsky
translated by James G. Williams (Michigan State University Press, 2012)

The Human Delusion:-

On mimesis Theory of Rene Girard




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